Our Mission

Hey, local business owners,

I know and you know that local business is the backbone of the world, but all too often budget, and time constraints leave them behind when it comes to technology and innovation! Even more so in todays world. Hey It’s Ready is here to change that mentality and help rejuvenate the mainstay of our economies! 

Local businesses have suffered enough, and we want to help, so we are offering Hey It’s ready to any businesses FREE for 60 days to help them connect to their customers and stimulate new opportunities.

We feel strongly enough that if your business needs more time and 60 days is not enough, reach out and tell us your story and we will work with you and extend the free trial for an additional 30 days or more if needed, whatever it takes! 

On behalf of myself and our whole team at Hey It’s Ready we are excited to have the opportunity to work with you and grow together!


Randy Martin

Founder & CEO

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