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Why we do it

We're Delivering The Innovation You Need

The world has changed. More and more business owners rely on technology to help grow their business, but not all businesses have the budget or time to develop their own applications. That’s why we developed Hey It’s Ready to give them the technology that allows you to connect and support your local businesses!


One focused app that notifies you when your order is ready. Let's place waiting in line part of history 

Solves A Challenge

Businesses can avoid long lines and frustrated customers by notifying people when their order and services are ready

Saves Time

Everyone is able to save time when they know they are able to be served by the business and avoid waiting in lines 

What we do

Get notified when your order is ready…

We're all working in a world where time is the most precious commodity.  More and more people are ordering and picking up their products and services.

Meals, groceries, products and services are all prone to wait times and delays.

We provide you the tool to get notified when your order is ready!

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